Airplane Finance


CMG Capital can provide strategic airplane financing through our partnership with L & L International, LTD, a leading worldwide aircraft brokerage.

When you want to acquire or sell an airplane, the key to success is finding a company that possesses the perfect blend of experience, financial strength, integrity and resourcefulness. Whether you would like to buy, lease, or trade in an airplane, we’re ideally qualified to assist you.

Through our partnership with L & L International Ltd., a worldwide leader in corporate jet aircraft sales and acquisition, we offer the financial resources to execute the deal and unrivaled aircraft expertise.

Together, we provide clients with the highest level of customer service throughout the entire process of airplane acquisition, marketing, bridge financing, and sales. We offer short-term loans and hybrid leases with a purchase option.

As aircraft transactions and operations become more complex, you can turn to us and L&L for proven sales and acquisition strategies, sophisticated research tools and global capabilities. We work closely with L & L’s highly trained and experienced aviation consultants, who have a worldwide reputation for tending to all the details each transaction requires.

CMG Capital and L&L understand that a successful transaction is one that satisfies both the seller and buyer. We enable our clients to acquire the airplane that meets their needs today and in the future and to sell under any market conditions.

Our clients receive the highest level of customer service throughout the entire process, whether purchasing or selling an aircraft.

The types of jets and jet airplanes L&L has acquired or sold during its long and distinguished history include all the following:


As you’ll discover, we keep all client and transaction details confidential, unless otherwise authorized to disclose such information by the client.


If you or your company is interested in buying, leasing, trading in, or selling an airplane, we invite you to contact us.